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I sure hope Bird doesn’t think TJ Ford is the answer to anything – he’s only marginally better than Diener. The ‘value’ in the trade described in the article is the 17th draft pick, not TJF. Here’s a look at Ford and Diener 2007/08 stats:

Games: 51 (Games Stated: 26)
MPG: 23.5 (lifetime 29.5)
FG%: 46.9% (3-pt. 29.4%)
Rebounds: 4.4 pg
Assists: 6.1 pg
Turnovers: 2.0 pg
Steals: 1.1 pg
Assists+Steals-TO’s: 5.2 pg

Here's the same info for Diener.:
Games: 66 (Games Stated: 21)
MPG: 20.5
FG%: 37.0% (3-pt. 31.8%)
Rebounds: 1.7 pg
Assists: 3.8 pg
Turnovers: 0.83 pg
Steals: 0.53 pg
Assists+Steals-TO’s: 3.5 pg
I totally agree and I still am not buying that this trade is done or even close.

From our perspective, why would you agree to this trade today ??

1. The deal can't be consummated until next week at the earliest anyway.

2. If you announce to the world that TJ Ford is your new PG, than you are also alerting everyone that you no longer covet a PG at #11 which is what everyone has assumed forever..............what would be the point in doing that ?? Unless you have a master plan to pair DJ and TJ in the same backcourt ???

3. Why agree to the trade before you see who is still available at 17. Maybe you like 14 or 15 players in this draft...........what if all 14 or 15 are gone and your left reaching on a guy you don't have rated very high.......or on a guy who the rest of the league thinks is a 2nd rd pick at best...........hello James White......

4. Why trade one of your best assets at his lowest possible value ??

5. Why trade for a $25mm PG who isn't very good and has injury concerns and never plays a full season, when you already have a $25mm PG who isn't very good, has injury history, and who never plays a full season ??

In any event.....I think this is internet fodder leaked by a Toronto official. It makes less than zero sense even if Bird wants this deal............to announce it today or agree to it today.

If the guy you like is available at 17.............agree to it then at the earliest.