I'm not going to conduct a poll b/c that would leave a variety of players, but what if the PGs and combo guards are all off the board?

As the draft is nearing, they're a lot of rumblings that Westbrook and Augustin are rising on draft boards.

Realgm has them gone by the time we pick. I think Chad Ford may have them off the board in his next mock as well.

It's really possible that picks 6,7, and 8 could consist of Augustin, Westbrook, and Gordon (in no particular order)

Do we then choose a big? What if the best player available is a wing? Do we take ANOTHER wing and trade a guy like Dun Dun?

Do we trade down and try to get Chalmers while adding a piece, since Lawson is out of the draft?

Do we try and trade for a PG?

Do we not worry about it and hope Tinsley is healthy and has no hard feelings about the comments surrounding him?

Do we try and move up to get one of the guards?

I'm just curious what others think the Pacers should do, if it's looking like the guards will be off the board at #11?