Greetings all,

As you know, the PD Forum Awards include "Post of the Year" and "Thread of the Year".

Usually, the threads and posts submitted for nomination are few. And those that are remembered, are almost always off topic.

This thread is meant to improve both significantly, if it gets your help!

Here's the deal:

I think one of the problems with the these categories is by the time the awards get around, we tend to forget a lot of great stuff from over the past 11 or so months. This thread is meant to address that.

Next year, those two categories will become four categories. A Pacers-related, and an off topic edition of both Thread of the Year and Post of the Year.

What I'm asking of all of you is this:

Any time from now until I begin the awards for 2009, any time that you read a post or read a thread, off topic and also Pacers related, that you think is worthy of nomination for 2009, reference it here.

This is our memory thread, so that we don't forget. If this is a success, I will bring it back next year, too.

Please, leave us a link to the thread/post, the title of the thread, the poster who created the thread/post, and most importantly, a sentence or few telling us WHY it should be nominated in 2009.