1. We add two more overpaid players to a team with Dunleavy, Murphy, Tinsley, Daniels, and don't get rid of any of them.

2. We add 63 million more dollars in cap commitments. Doesn't this go the opposite direction this team needs to take?

3. If JO's value is low then so is Hinrichs'. Dude played miseribly last year, especially for his salary. If he was very good there is no way they would deal him and take Rose. They have needed a low post presence for a long time, and now they have a good one sitting in thier lap with superstar potential, so they decide to pass to replace thier young PG instead? We should trust the opinion of the team who has had him for 4 years now.

4. Overpaying for average players is what got this team in this prediciment in the first place.

We make this deal it's suicide, there is no way out. Tinsley, Hinrich, Dunleavy and Murphy are scheduled to make over 111 million dollars over the next 3 years, over 37 million per season. Add in Hughes and this balloons to almost 138 million, 101 of it over the next 2 seasons, 50.5 million per season. In other words, we are over the cap with just that pathetic group of players. And we have to resign Danny Granger, which will have us bumpin' uglies with the luxury tax after next year with only those 5 players on our roster.

Now you might think we can deal some of these guys, which is possible. But we have got to take back contracts to make the trades work, so any savings will come a couple of years down the road anyway. No team under the cap will sacrifice that for any of those guys, and absolutely noone is going to give you expiring deals for guys like Murphy and Tinsley.

This deal is not going to happen, IMO. Even if you can add a descent young player like Tyrus Thomas on top of Hinrich and Hughes you will not be able to keep him if he plays well. The Cleveland deal much more likely. I would venture to guess that Chicago is being used to try and pry something extra out of the Cavs or even the Nets if anything.