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Jonathan Givony is bringing up the JO-to-Cavs, but it's unclear what the deal is.

-The Indiana Pacers are trying to dangle the #11 pick in hopes of being able to package it with one of their ugly contracts (preferably Jermaine O’Neal). There is talk out of O’Neal’s camp that he anticipates being trade to Cleveland at some point this summer, possibly in a deal involving expiring contracts such as Wally Szczerbiak and Eric Snow.

The Pacers don’t want to give O’Neal away for nothing, but the temptation of shedding his 23 million dollar contract from their cap figure (giving them substantial cap space to work with in July of 2009) may be too great to pass up. On Cleveland’s end, it makes sense for their ownership to spend the money it will take to try and appease LeBron James and show them they are making the efforts to put together a championship caliber team. We’ve heard rumblings about this Cleveland/Indiana trade from a number of well-informed sources, so there appears to be at least some truth to it.
It stops short of saying "JO & 11 to Cavs for Crap-on-a-stick", but it's not a big leap to infer that.

I'm wondering if there is a package that could get it done, but I'd want Cleveland's #19 back. The most pallatable might be Wally, Sideshow Bob, S&T Delonte West, & #19 for JO & #11 (+ maybe filler?).

This package has a large expiring (Wally), two serviceable young guys (Varejao & West), and we get back in the draft where guys we like will be more reasonable (CDR, Brandon Rush, etc.). It's a pretty crappy deal, but they all will be, and I'm wondering if TPTB have reached the point where they're just going to take the best offer available and be done with it.

I'm getting the feeling that the guys we really like won't be there at 11, and the people we'd probably take would be a reach, so moving back 8 spots wouldn't be a huge penalty...(well, at least not on top of the penalty we're already paying in terms of talent return because of JO's contract & injury history.)

I don't know...it's a beggar's choice...probably be best just sitting on him.