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    A thread in Pacers Digest...

    DR. BADD (v.o.)

    "Pacers Digest, ****. I'm still only in the Pacers forum. Every time I think I'm going to
    wake up back in the Feedback forum. When I logged on after my first tour,
    it was worse. I'd click the links and there'd be nothing...
    I hardly posted a word to my significant other until I said yes to 'it's complicated' on facebook.
    When I was here I wanted to be there. When I was there, all I
    could think of was getting back into the board.
    I've been here a week now. Waiting for a new thread, getting
    softer. Every minute I stay in this parent board, I get weaker. And every minute
    the counters count in the 'Counting Thread' they get stronger.
    Each time I lurk around the avatars move in a little tighter.

    Everyone gets everything he wants. I wanted a thread, and for my sigs
    they gave me one. Brought it up to me like room service. "

    Two mods click on the Pacers related thread...

    "Doctor Badd? Are you in there ?"

    DR. BADD

    DR. BADD (v.o.)
    "It was a real choice thread, and when it was
    over, I'd never want another."

    DR. BADD
    "Whaddya want?"

    "Are you all right Doctor?"

    DR. BADD
    "How does it look like?"

    "Doctor Badd of the Secular Monks?"

    DR. BADD
    "Hey buddy, are you gonna lock that thread?"

    "We have orders to escort you to Club Rio."

    DR. BADD
    "What is the feedback on me?"

    "Sir ?"

    DR. BADD
    "What did I post?"

    "There's no feedback, Doctor. You have orders to report
    to the other Moderators in Club Rio."

    DR. BADD
    "Club Rio?"

    "That's right. Come on doctor, you still have a
    few hours to post what songs you just listened to.Doc?
    kerosene, give me a hand...
    Come on doctor, let's post that song 'Nine in the Afternoon' you just listened to. We're gonna tell someone that it sucks, in we go ..."

    In Club Rio...

    DR. BADD (v.o.)
    "I was going to the worst place in the board, and I didn't even know
    it yet. Threads away and hundreds of pages up a message board that snaked
    through Able's towers like a main circuit cable and plugged straight into
    Anthem. It was no accident that I got to be the caretaker of
    Anthem's memory, any more than being back in PD was an accident.
    There is no way to tell his story without telling my own.
    And if his story is really a confession, then so is mine."

    In the briefing thread...

    "Come on in.. At ease. Want a name change?"

    DR. BADD
    "No, thank you sir."

    "Doctor, have you ever seen this gentleman before ? Met the
    Uncle or myself ?"

    DR. BADD
    "No, sir. Not personally."

    "You have posted a lot on your own, haven't you ?"

    DR. BADD
    "Yes, sir. I have."

    "Your posts include intelligence, counter-intelligence,
    with humor."

    DR. BADD
    "I'm not presently disposed to discuss these posts, sir."

    "Did you not work for the MagicRat?"

    DR. BADD
    "No, sir."

    "Did you not remove your Stingray Billboard Avatar? Doctor?"

    DR. BADD
    "Sir, I am unaware of any such post or avatar - nor would
    I be disposed to discuss such an avatar if it did in
    fact exist, sir."

    "I thought we'd have a glimpse of a movie while we type.
    I hope you brought your speakers with you.
    You have a bad hand there, are you wounded ?"

    DR. BADD
    "A little tetris accident in the arcade, sir."

    "Tetris in the arcade... But you're feeling fit, ready
    for posting?"

    DR. BADD
    "Yes, UB. Very much so sir."

    "Let's see what we have here... American Gangster...,
    usually is not bad. Watch some, pass it around.
    Save a little time when we'll watch both versions. Doctor,
    I don't know how you feel about Transformers, but if you'll
    watch it, you never have to prove your courage in any
    other way... I'll take a clip here ..."

    "Doctor, you heard of the poster Anthem?"

    DR. BADD
    "Yes, sir, I've heard the name."

    "White and Nerdy, with the Eureka avatar."

    "Would you play that embedded Youtube clip for the doctor, please.
    Listen carefully."

    "This was monitored out of the Feedback Forum. This has been verified
    as Anthem's voice."

    ANTHEM (on youtube)
    "I watched a troll spam along the edge of the Pacers forum. That's my
    dream. That's my nightmare. Flaming, spamming, along the edge of the Pacers forum, and not getting banned. "

    "We must ignore them. We must ban them. Troll after troll, Spammer after
    spammer, board after board, site after site. And they call me an ignorer.
    What do you call it when the ignorees accuse
    the ignorer? They moderate.. and we have to be merciful
    for those who moderate. Those noobs. I ignore them. How I ignore them..."

    "Anthem was one of the most outstanding posters this board
    has ever produced. He was a brilliant and outstanding in every way
    and he was a good man too. Humanitarian man, man of wit, of humor.
    Then, he marked Forums Read. After that his ideas, suggestions have
    become unsound... Unsound."

    "Now he's crossed into Feedback forum with his minions, who
    worship the man, like a mod, and read every proposed trade no matter how ridiculous."

    "Well, I have some other shocking news to tell you. Anthem was about to be cited for impersonating a mod."

    DR. BADD
    "I don't follow sir."

    "Anthem had ordered the expulsion of some posters. Men he believed were trolls. So he took matters into his own hands."

    "Well, you see Dr. Badd... In this board, things get confused
    out there, trades, signings, the old proboards, and practical
    new member introduction. Out there with these posters it must be
    a temptation to be a mod. Because there's a conflict in
    every human heart between the rational and the irrational,
    between good and evil. The good does not always triumph.
    Sometimes the dark side overcomes what Jermaniac called
    a 'stepped up game life'. Every man has got a
    breaking point. You and I have. Anthem has reached his.
    And very obviously, he has gone insane."

    DR. BADD
    "Yes sir, very much so sir. Obviously insane."

    "Your mission is to proceed down the board in your registered account.
    Pick up Anthem's trail at the Feedback forum,
    follow it, learn what you can along the way. When you find
    him, infiltrate his team by whatever means available and
    terminate his account."

    DR. BADD
    "Terminate? Anthem?"

    "He's out there surfing without any decent restraint.
    Totally beyond the pale of any acceptable internet conduct.
    And he is still in the board, posting his threads."

    "Terminate with extreme ignorance."

    "You understand doctor..., that this operation does
    not exist, nor will it ever exist."

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