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Thread: Guess the NBA Prospects...

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    Default Guess the NBA Prospects...

    Name these pgs...All five are pgs from major teams declared for this year's draft...And just based off of the stats, how would you rank them...?

    Player A: 19.2ppg 2.9rpg 5.8apg 2.09a/t 1.2spg .439fg% .783ft% .381 3p% 1.33pps

    Player B: 19.8ppg 3.8rpg 6.1apg 1.58a/t 1.8spg .426fg% .851ft% .367 3p% 1.37pps

    Player C: 14.9ppg 4.5rpg 4.7apg 1.77a/t 1.2spg .477fg% .712ft% .337 3p% 1.37ppg

    Player D: 12.7ppg 3.9rpg 4.3apg 1.74a/t 1.6spg .465fg% .713ft% .338 3p% 1.27pps

    Player E: 12.7ppg 2.7rpg 5.2apg 2.36a/t 1.6spg .515fg% .835ft% .361 3p% 1.49pps

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    Default Re: Guess the NBA Prospects...

    A - DJ Augustin - Texas
    B - Sean Singletary - UVA
    C - Derrick Rose - Memphis
    D - Russell Westbrook - UCLA
    E - Ty Lawson - UNC

    Not ranked
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    Default Re: Guess the NBA Prospects...

    Without knowing who goes with what I liked E because it's a PG with good shot seletion (FG%, low attempts), good quality distribution (decent AST level, quality A/TO ratio), and has a killer PPS so he draws fouls and gets to the lane effectively.

    I see A and B as not playing a pure PG role because the points combined with FG% suggest calling their own number way too often, to the point that their shot selection hurt their FG%. B's FG% is really terrible considering his PPG/FG attempts.

    B also has a weaker A/TO. And then the high AST totals for them combined with FG%/PPG suggest that they simply touched the ball at all times and might not even be comfortable playing off the ball.

    C & D are the weakest options by this. No outside shot, D has a lower PPS, neither have solid A/TO ratios considering their lower AST numbers (less passing should mean less risky passes/TOs). But I put C above B because he doesn't call his number as often which implies that he knows his limits.

    I assume Count looked this up and has them paired right so that means I put them as:

    E - Lawson
    A - DJ
    C - Rose
    B - Singletary
    D - Westbrook

    Of course as Mr. Stats I've consistantly said that NCAA stats aren't that useful, certainly not as much as watching players. That's why I went out of my way to watch guys this year, I wanted to have a clue for once instead of not really knowing how I felt after draft night for certain.

    In this case I think Lawson is a product of a quality system and that while he has speed he hasn't shown NBA caliber handles. He has a "flat" dribble that to me looked like his hands were smaller, but maybe that's just his style.

    It's just different than Bayless or Rose yanking it around on a string. We all saw what happened to Saras without that next level of handles, despite his overall skill. A PG must be able to safely dribble out of a press and keep his dribble.

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    Default Re: Guess the NBA Prospects...

    So Seth who would you want as your PG.....

    E - Lawson
    A - DJ
    C - Rose
    B - Singletary
    D - Westbrook

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