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If we are concerned about character, i wonder what issues are coming up with augustin.


John, Hanalei, HI: Puppy is "Gator". Who in this draft would be perfect for Kevin Martin's Kings?

David Thorpe: No-I never push the Gators on my kids. That's what my parents and brothers do. I thought Augustin initially, but I've heard scary reports about his character

Matt (Cohasset): Most draft analysts seem to go out of their way to praise Augustin's character. I think you are confusing him with someone else.

David Thorpe: No, I'm not. But a team will do far more research than I have. And character issues rarely effect anyone after the top 5.
Blah blah blah. Who's his team? He's gotta be pushing Augustin down to somebody.

I'm not even remotely worried about character based on an ESPN writer. If we hear it from other folks, I'll start considering it. But this kind of stuff is just stupid... an attempt by Thorpe to appear "in the know."