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Thread: Stephen A Smith Appologizes

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    Default Stephen A Smith Appologizes

    I am watching ESPN News and Stephen A Smith just Appolgized , To Indiana and NJ , saying it wasn't there Offense that sucked but it was Detriot's Defense

    Also for calling them them "J.V.". Teams

    (In his Yelling Voice )Indiana and New Jersey ..I'm Sorry :P

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    Default Re: Stephen A Smith Appologizes

    since we heard ad nauseum about the "Leastern Conference"

    I want to hear talk about the "Wusstern Conference"

    step up to the plate, Peter May.
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    Default Re: Stephen A Smith Appologizes

    You have to give the Pistons a lot of credit. The series was with the P's was as physical as it gets. It says a lot that they had anything left in the tank.
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