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Thread: Indy/Portland/Dallas Trade

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    Default Indy/Portland/Dallas Trade

    I don't think this trade would ever happen, but I'd like to hear some thoughts on it.

    Dallas Gets:

    Jermaine O'Neal

    Portland Gets:

    Eric Dampier
    Josh Howard

    Indy Gets:

    Jarrett Jack
    Raef LaFrentz
    Channing Frye
    Martell Webster


    Dallas: They get JO and they get to try to make a push with a core of Kidd/Terry/Nowitzki/JO. They also get rid of Dampier.

    Portland: They get the best player in the trade in Josh Howard without having to give up any of their core players. He makes them a playoff team next season with a core of Roy/Howard/Aldrige/Oden. They're also looking to clear roster spots.

    Indy: We get $12 million in salary relief when LaFrentz expires after next season. We get 3 young players with plenty of upside. Jack is immediately our starting PG. Webster is an upgrade over Kareem Rush at SG. Frye goes into the PF/C rotation with Murphy, Foster, and Ike.
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    Smile Re: Indy/Portland/Dallas Trade

    I guess overall this trade proposition would be worth closer consideration.

    Well, certainly it should be very tempting for Dallas, that's for sure. They would welcome O'Neal warmly in my opinion.

    Nevertheless, I'm a bit reluctant from Pacers' standpoint. Namely, we would give away quite a lot in O'Neal.

    Yes, I think Jack could be our PG starter especially in case Tinsley won't return. Furthermore, Frye and LaFrentz would be nice front court additions as backups, but Webster wouldn't offer that much for us, because we already have a couple of good - if not great - wing players in Granger and Dunleavy.

    Besides, I don't think Portland has a much of a need for Dampier, as they already have Oden and Przybilla filling the C. Also, Howard is maybe not a whole lot better next year than Webster as SF with the assumption Webster would still have a little upgrade in him.

    So apparently Dallas would accept this trade right away, Portland would hesitate most likely - and we eventually would really love to get more in return for O'Neal... as greedy as we might be.

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    Default Re: Indy/Portland/Dallas Trade

    I was thinking more of

    Dallas gets:
    Jermaine Oneal
    Sergio Rodriguez
    Portland 2nd rounder

    Mavs roster:
    PG: Kidd, Rodriguez, Lue, JJ Barea
    SG: Stackhouse, Wright, Eddie Jones
    SF: Devean George, FA, pick or trade
    PF: Dirk, Bass
    C: Jo, Dampier

    Portland gets:
    Josh Howard
    Another Filler From Dallas

    Portland Roster:
    PG: Blake, Jack
    SG: Roy, Webster
    SF: Howard, Outlaw
    PF: Aldridge, Pick?
    C: Oden, Przybilla

    Pacers get:
    Jason Terry
    Raef LaFrentz
    Channing fyre
    Rudy Fernandez

    Pacers Roster:
    PG: Terry, Diener, Tinsley (gone)
    SG: Dunleavy, Fernandez, Daniels
    Sf: Granger, Williams
    PF: Murphy, Frye
    C: Foster, LaFrentz, Pick
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    Default Re: Indy/Portland/Dallas Trade

    Nice idea, but I don't see Portland doing it.

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    Default Re: Indy/Portland/Dallas Trade

    Yeah, it's probably more of Dallas won't do it, unless they get a young wing player in return

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