Allow me to indulge myself for a moment. In January, my whole department at work got made redundant (awww...), so I faced a couple of life-altering decisions. Where to work? Where to live? Plus I am getting married next year.

Naturally the smart move would have been to invest the redundancy money in a deposit for a house, and find a shiny new job to progress my accounting career.

Not a chance!

My partner and I are instead going on a 4 month road trip. 7 weeks in the states, then a couple of months through (mostly) Eastern Europe. I am now calling on your advice on what are the "must-sees" in your lovely country. The route we are taking is:

Vegas - LA - Santa Cruz - San Francisco - Chicago - Nashville - Memphis - Houston - New Orleans - Savannah - Charleston - Myrtle Beach - Edenton - Washington - Philly - New Haven - Boston - Portsmouth - Portland - New York

Transport is a mixture of planes, trains and automobiles (tip of the hat to you John Candy).

Any recommendations of places to eat, sights to see and bars to drink at would be very gratefully received. Thanks in advance!