To paraphrase Roger Goodell when on Mike & Mike recently,


If all Mr. Walsh has to offer are additional examples of sideline taping of coaching signals in games, then it is not significant. I reviewed 6 tapes in September, and also notes from earlier instances where the tapes were not in existence. I came to the full understanding that Coach Belichick has had the same interpretation of the rules during his entire coaching tenure. I took all of that into account, the fact that sideline taping of coaching signals for future analysis extends all the way back to the beginnings of his coaching career, when the harsh penalties were assessed."

It's over. Nobody will be re-punished for the same offense for which the largest punishment in NFL history was already handed down. The appropriate punishment was meted out.

bottom line on the past 4 months of spygate:

The Boston Herald and ESPN used unnamed sources, led everyone to believe it was Mr. Walsh, and apparently falsely alleged that the Patriots made a tape of the Rams Super Bowl walkthrough. The persons who need to be punished additionally are Tomase of the Herald and Fish of ESPN for making up a huge story days before the Super Bowl. Now Fish seems to be trying to cover his butt by spinning a non-story as a story. It will be interesting to see if Tomase does the same.

Robert Kraft probably will not pursue libel charges, since this story would only be kept alive by that action, but a part of me wishes he would, to curb future drive-by journalism