I have posted these trade on other sites. What are your thoughts on them:

Pacers need some help this offseason, its obvious. We have on and off court issues that need to be resolved. I had 2 trades in mind:

1) Trade Tinsley, Daniels and Dunleavy to Bulls for Hinrich, Nocioni and Aaron Simmon (filler). http://realgm.com/src_checktrade.php?tradeid=4575781 for some reason it doesnt work, though it should

2) Trade Shawne Williams and Harrison (S & T) to Portland for Frye.

Why for do this? It was obvious that the Pacers defense last season was horrible. We need to improve that this season. Sending Daniels, Harrison, Williams and Tinsley also helps our off-court issues out. A back court of Hinrich, Granger and Nocioni would be on of the best defensive back-courts in the East

Oneal/Foster or Murphy