After rooting against the Pistons very hard for 6 games in the ECF, I think that gives you a unique perspective on a team.

But now after two games of rooting for the Pistons I have gotten a different perspective on the boys from Detroit.

Here are some of my random thoughts

I have no idea how Pistons fans can put up with Okur and Corliss. They are very, very frustrating to root for. Corliss misses so many easy shots around the basket, and he is always fumbling the ball.

But Okur is worse, he is always throwing up weak shots, he plays with no confidence, he never shoots when he is open. Not sure why Joe D. likes him, but if I were a Pistons fan, I would not mind if he left after this season.

Get the ball to Sheed, more often , please, please.

Prince:, wow was I wrong about this guy. He does so many little things for the Pistons, that you don't notice unless you watch closely and only if you watch the Pistons a lot. He is the Pistons glue, very underrated player. Dare I say in many ways he reminds me of Derrick McKey, which is a high compliment coming from me.

let me say this, if the Pistons would have drafted Mello instead of Darko, one of two things would have happened. Either Brown would not have played him very much because his defense is bad, or the Pistons would have lost to the Nets or Pacers.

Whenever Ben goes out of the game and to a lesser extent whenever Sheed goes out of the game the Pistons interior defense goes to pot.

One last thing, the Pistons need a shooting guard/small forward type who can come off the bench and score some points.