Peja can play the 2, 3, or even 4 in a small lineup.

As for Peja for Artest, straight-up? I would take it if I was Petrie, Artest is EXACTLY, and I mean EXACTLY what the Kings need. If the Kings were still thinking about winning the championship as soon as possible, and not building a young nucleus for the future, this trade is for the taking. But, it's highly unlikely to go down.

IMO, Artest is a better all-around player. He's a hell of a lot better defender, although Peja isn't a bad defender. Artest isn't afraid to take it to the hole, whereas Peja is.
What the kings exactly need is a new coach and interior defense. Artest can only guard bulky guys like him so his defense is limited and his offense is bad.
As I said L. Bird wouldn't think twice about trading for Peja .
WHAT??? Artest's defense is limited? ed: He did a damn good job on Rip when he got the time to guard him for a full game. Guys like Kobe, Rip, Lebron, Melo etc. are nearly impossible for anybody else to guard, and Ron does as well as anybody I've seen by far on the ball/
laugh all u want but Wade and Rip scored on him.
Wade and Rip score on everyone. Like I said earlier, almost all of Rip's scoring came when artest wasn't on him, and Wade was playing like Jordan at times in that series, where NOBODY will stop him.
ok that's it They score on anyone. That makes perfect sense. Apparently DPOY is anyone and everyone.