SOmebody just recycled an old thread it looks like was started by DaSmash.

That's a name that goes way back to the mid 90's on the Star Board.

I know Smash was banned from here.

Smash had great passion for the Pacers and would often ruffle feathers.

I'm guessing because he was banned the majority reaction on here will be good ridence. We don't want that type of abrasivness on here etc etc.

I just have one question for you. When DaSmash was posting whether you agreed with him or not, believed in sources or not... did you find yourself always reading those threads?

Were'nt those some of the most entertaining threads even if all you or others did was to log in to argue with him.

Admittedly I'm biased...I always enjoyed Smash back in the day and was sorry to read he was banned from here.

There are those of us that believe having some spice to the forum makes it more entertaining.