Late a darkened high-rise office building in the heart of Manhattan...

MAN 1: Got a call from Stern today.

MAN 2: Yeah...

MAN 1: Thinks the Pistons could steal this one.

MAN 2: C'mon.

MAN 1: Really.

MAN 2: So what if they do.

MAN 1: America wants the Lakers to win. Stern wants the Lakers to win.

MAN 2: Right.

MAN 1: Plus a 7-game series means millions more in ad revenue. And it gets people interested in the NBA again.

MAN 2: I see.

MAN 1: So you know what you gotta do, right?

MAN 2: Send in Salvatore?

MAN 1: Send in Salvatore.

MAN 2: Pistons don't stand a chance tonight.

MAN 1: They never did. This is the Lakers year. One way or another.