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    One of the most prolific scorers in college basketball, finishes as well as any player in the country around the basket. Emmettís bread and butter are in his post up game and ability to slither around the basket in-between defenders and get his shot off from 6-10 feet out. He is very strong and aggressive and is one of those players that no one wants to guard; He uses his upper body strength to get his shot off in many different ways, using pump fakes and is very hard to shut down without getting into foul trouble. His off the ball movement has greatly improved since coach Knight took over, but still has a long ways to go. The same can be said about his defense, he has become a pretty good man to man defender, and with his footwork and athleticism, he has the potential to become an excellent defender if he puts his head into it.
    Emmett is fairly athletic, he has a quick first step which he uses well to fearlessly take the ball strong to the hoop, where again he finishes well and often gets to the free throw line. He has a good vertical leap as well as been known to throw down some spectacular dunks in his four years at Texas Tech.

    Something that might help Emmett overcome his lack of size is his wingspan, which measured out at 6-9 with a standing reach of 8-7, both above average for a player his size. He combines that with his strength, quickness, toughness, leaping ability and all around hustle to establish himself as one of the best rebounding guards in college basketball.

    Emmett has many weaknesses that will be very hard to overcome if he is to stick in the NBA. First off, he doesnít really have an NBA position. At 6-4 Ĺ he is already an undersized shooting guard, and to make matters worse he isnít much of a three point threat at all. His outside shooting is poor even for the college level, and he has shown almost no improvement in this field in his four years at Texas Tech. For Emmett to get beyond his rookie contract he will have to show some vast improvement from the perimeter and especially on his jump shot, which will only come from hours and hours of repetition and hard work. His ball-handling skills are also not NBA caliber just yet, he gets to the rack very effectively on the college level, but he will have a much tougher time in the NBA. Most of Emmettís baskets right now come from his work around the basket, but again, how will that translate to the pros with the kind of defense that is played in todayís NBA and especially with the shot blockers that almost every team has nowadays? Posting up guys like Eddie Jones, Kobe Bryant and Eric Snow is a lot tougher then matching up with Keith Langford, Brandon Mouton and Tony Allen (with all due respect).
    Other then that, Emmett needs to work on his perimeter defense, and his off the ball movement isnít always up to par. He will sometimes stand around aimlessly if he isnít directly involved in a play, and he has been criticized by Coach Knight for this as well as for not showing enough passion and leadership.

    OK, I admit........he is not really what the Pacers need. But I loved him at Texas Tech and he always came through when you needed him to. Just would be nice to have him on our team. But he does not shoot well, so not good fit at this time ed:

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    Yeah, his weaknesses sound .

    I am starting to really like the idea of drafting Mr. Martin.

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