Thanks to our friends at ESPNMotion, I'm proud to present the complete version of BEP's "Let's Get It Started", i.e. the video the ESPN playoff promo's are cut from. It's pretty cool to watch the whole thing, and realize that they just cut it into 4 segments, with each segment being the commercial for that round of the playoffs, minus the game action and voice-overs they'd invariably throw in. ed:

Download rules apply (right-click to save.) Hicks, I'd appreciate you putting this up; I'd just as soon not have this take up 6 of my 10MB indefinitely.

Note, for those of you who have ESPNMotion installed, you may very well already have this on your machine. For NT (2k, XP) users, check under:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\DIGStream\ESPNMotion\promo_040525peas1v.wm9_5 48k.motion_trans.wmv

Not sure what it'd be for 9x users (just search for the filename), and I believe Motion's not available to non-Windows users. Also, the Application Data directory under All Users is usually Hidden.

That's it. Hope everyone enjoys this as much as I do.