1. I don't plan on adding any new players to our league. There are a few of the less active owners that will not be returning. This is not a reflection on any of them. During the course of the season there are many different things that can happen that can impact how much time you can commit to a silly little internet game.

We have a couple options that will make themselves more clear over the next several months. First, drop the league to 20 teams. I have 19 guys that I'd like to return, 7 of them have already expressed an interest in returning.

I have 1 former player that will be returning as well as a poster that has been in leagues on the site before.

The other option is filling the league with vets from the past. I have a list of 5 that have stepped aside but are more than welcome to return.

We're also looking to start up a 2nd league. If there's enough interest to make it do-able. I've had 10 posters PM be about the possibilty of joining should we start up another league. As you guys know, a 10 team league is not nearly enough so I would hope some of us could help fill out the league to at least 16 teams. We'll cross that bridge if we build it.