03-04 Point Guards:

Starter: Jamaal Tinsley
Main Sub: Anthony Johnson
Others: Kenny Anderson/Jamison Brewer.

I'm pretty happy with Tinsley. If now he losses just a little more weight [5-10 lbs] and works on his shot of the dribble he would be even better.

Anthony Johnson is Mr. Consistant. I hope he stays actually because he is a veteran who has been to the finals, twice, and he is consistant. He isn't extremely good and has some flaws but he does a solid job.

Kenny is gone. No more needs to be said.

Jamison is someone I want to keep. Athletic point guard. Alot of energy. Just keep improving and he could be a real good backup for us.

Basicly I see no need to improve the point guard position. Tinsley does a good job and should improve even more. AJ is consistant and Brewer has shown flashes.