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Thread: The NBA, NCAA and USA basketball join forces for a great cause- youth basketball

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    Default The NBA, NCAA and USA basketball join forces for a great cause- youth basketball

    Just watched the press conference on NBA TV. Couldn't be more thrilled.

    Supposedly, they're going to get extremely involved in summer camps and leagues, and set standards for how much organized basketball kids can play, as well as provide instructional coaching as well as medical professionals to make sure these kids don't seriously damage themselves.

    I've always been very open about my disdain for the AAU and youth basketball at large. I think it's great that there is going to be a concerted effort to educate these kids that they don't need to destroy themselves playing non-stop basketball in order to get a college scholarship or reach the NBA.

    I also think it's important that the NBA and NCAA is going to sponsor these events and provide actual coaching, instead of the current coaches just rolling the ball out and letting these kids develop their own bad habits for the sake of winning meaningless summer league games.

    Furthermore, I'm happy hat sometime in the future I won't have to see another 18-year old center undergo microfracture surgery because he's put 30 years worth of basketball mileage on 18 year old legs.
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