This is a small part of a larger thread I am eventually going to put out there sometime after the draft lottery is determined, and the Pacers find out for sure where they will pick.

The Pacers clearly in my view need a defensive wing player to be a major factor in their rotation. We also should try our best to achieve 2 other goals in any move we make, which are to: acquire extra draft picks, and not take on extra salary (and save salary when possible). This proposed move fits all of these criteria.

Here is my proposal:

Pacers trade F Shawne Williams, and the rights to European F/C Erazem Lorbek to Detroit.

Detroit trades their first round pick in the 2008 draft, C Cheick Samb, and G/F Aaron Afflalo to Indiana.

Why Detroit makes the trade:

Williams potentially gives them an eventual successor to Rasheed Wallace. Detroit also has room on their roster to add Lorbek in 2008-2009 to provide added depth. Afflalo is a good player but is blocked by Richard Hamilton and especially Teyshaun Prince.

Why Indiana makes the trade: While perhaps not quite as good as a prospect as Williams, Afflalo fits a major team need that Williams doesn't, which is to be a potential premier defender. (Afflalo was one of college basketball premier defenders in 2006-2007 for UCLA). Adding Afflalo lets you not have to spend any money signing a defensive free agent (like Quinton Ross) or needing to resign Kareem Rush. Cheick Samb from Senegal is a complete project needed to be included just to balance the salaries. By adding a late first round pick, it either gives Indiana a chance to add another quality player who slips into the 20's, or the Pacers could use it as a trade chip to move up into the begginning of the first round if they choose.

Williams has had some "issues" in Indiana as well, and while they aren't a huge detriment, it would be viewed as a positive step for some fans to purge the troubled youngster from the roster to get the more solid citizen in Afflalo. AA is also cheaper, and under contract longer than Williams.

This is a small move that would/could be a prelude to other moves. Thoughts?