Are fans in your city/state as blatantly bandwagon as Laker fans. Every year I see these laker car flags. Its pretty sad. Why? Not because they are supporting their team, but because of how they do it. When the Laker's swept through the playoffs and only lost one game to Philly a few years back, the flags were everywhere throughout the entire playoffs. This year is about as blatant bandwagon as you can get. I didn't see any flags until they were up on San Antonio 3-2. Then, they started appearing everywhere. I would see thousands and thousands of them on my way to work throughout the Timberwolves series. Now, after the loss to Detroit in game 1, I've seen 2 Laker car flags during my commute to work these past 2 days. Even my Laker fan buddies agree, that there are plenty of bandwagoners here. Do other states like SA, NJ, Sac, Mia, etc have that exact same blatant style or is it just LA?