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He just finished his freshman year. Some of you need to get a grip and realize that not everyone is going to me Carmelo Anthony their first season in college. Eric Gordon is a franchise type player that you can get in the draft, he's a guy that's more than worth taking a chance on if he somehow falls to us or even if we could trade up 2-3 spots to get him. I think some of you guys are just bitter IU fans and are holding it against him that A. He struggled in the first round in your team's loss. B. He's leaving after only one season. What did you expect? Did you really think EJ was going to stay more than one year when he's pretty much guaranteed to be at worst a Top 10 pick?

Worst case scenario, he's Ben Gordon. I don't know about you, but even Ben Gordon, would be a huuuuuuge upgrade to the current state of the backcourt. Bird wanted Ben Gordon in the draft he was in, and I guarantee he'd probably take the superior EJ if he was available.

Monta Ellis, Dwyane Wade, AI, etc. have all made it work being a little shorter. They all are lightning quick and have the athleticism to make up for it. I'm pretty sure EJ does too except he's a lot stronger than all of them.

Face it, this team could use a franchise player again, and a risk on EJ is a risk worth taking.
See thats just the thing, I see no problem with our backcourt situation. I think we need to keep what we have now. Flip was a late season steal. Stop overlooking him. Our real problems lie in the post. Espescially rebounding and defense. If we had both coming from the post it would make our backcourt much more effective. Im all for bringing another PG on to give Diener and Flip a run, and a SG to push Rush. That will only make us better. But i think Dun/Rush and Flip/Diener are overlooked too much due to the lack of an interior defense.