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    Man, the Lakers should TRADE KOBE!! He through up bad jumpers all night, had his shot blocked and couldn't get his offense going against, who?....Tashawn Prince! He played outside the offense and, and, and....

    Sounds like some of our folks description of how Artest did against Tayshawn...hmmm...maybe some folks will alter their opinion by the time this series is over or maybe not .

    Our Pacers are better than this Pistons team with a healthy Tinsley and O'neal and Artest is a HUGE piece of that ability, like it or not. I'm even more impressed with our team after watching game 1.

    I'll hold out total judgement until after the series because it could turn completely around tomorrow....BUT after game 1, I feel pretty good about our team who nearly won the series with two key players severely injured!!


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    Yeah, I'm expecting a much different game 2. It will be interesting!

    I also found it interesting how Kobe's game was really off in the 4th qtr because he was chasing RIP all over the place and was a bit tired. Wondering if Artest was tired in game 6 after chasing him?


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