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Thread: point guard trade

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    Default point guard trade

    not a blockbuster, but how about this trade in the summer?

    earl watson for marquis daniels

    for pacers: quis' play has been spotty all year. what's more, he's proven that he can't handle the pg position. watson's offense sucks, but he's a good pg defender and can at least run the team adequately.

    for sonics: quis' deal is one year shorter (expiring). they'll still have ridnour at pg. and quis can score, which is always useful.

    it does leave the pacers' sg position a little weak. but dunleavy is likely to play out of position at sg again, and i think we can re-sign at least one of rush, murray, or graham as the backup. at the worst, we can pick up another min level guy - we seem to be pretty good at that, anyway.

    i'm assuming that we'll clear out other bad contracts some other way, because otherwise we should rather keep quis' expiring deal for ourselves, i think.

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    Default Re: point guard trade

    Quis & Foster are our most tradeable players next year contract wise:

    I would like to see our organization send a huge contract ie Murphy orTinsley with those guys to clear up space for the organization.

    I feel we should be not pick up longer contracts ie Watson for Q6; I am all for a package deal that will clear up salary.

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    Default Re: point guard trade

    Earl starts.

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    Default Re: point guard trade

    I think we should look at New Jersey, for Marcus Williams. That would get us a young pg, and we can focus the draft on getting a quality big man.

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    Default Re: point guard trade

    This seems like it could be fairly possible. Seattle could probably get more for Watson however. I'd be very happy with it though.

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