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    Well hello Pacers nation! Well I cant say that it reminds me of the Raiders and the Red Sox, both teams I cant stand. But I am happy to be here and look forward to reading and learning more about our new look Pacers next season!

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    Every man loves a dog in his life. Some guys are more attached to their loyal pet than others...but in most cases, it's a man's best friend.

    Our new friend, Tim, here has a dog of his own. He loves that dog. Takes him around wherever he goes. He even takes him to the washroom...they just can't be separated.

    How did the two of them fall in love? Well, Tim's dog is a mutt, and the story goes that Tim felt sorry for the poor thing. When he was looking at all the dogs to purchase, this poor little mutt was surrounded by all types of pure breds.

    "Who will ever take this poor little mutt when he's placed in the presence of all these pure breds?" Tim asked...

    So he went ahead and made the noble move.

    He bought the mutt.

    Ever since, the two have been inseparable.

    Unfortunately, Tim's friends hate the mutt. They don't like him because he's not "pure bred" - but Tim calls them racist.

    It's a touchy subject, so please try and make Tim feel better about his purchase. And give him a nice PD!!!!!!


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    Welcks to the PDage there Timmutt.

    Now that we have the formalities taken care of I wanted to let you know about the Best Thread in the entire Forum. A little Diddy called "Counting: It's Fun" cause heck, counting IS fun. You go there and post a few numbers every now and again but make sure you read the rules on page one and follow them closely. It is only a few hundred posts away from being the most posted in thread on the entire board and wouldn't you like to say you were part of it?

    See you in the Counting Thread

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