Hey, we've ripped the hell out of him for his poor play/contract, so how about some love for this recent incarnation of Troy. I've mentioned it in several threads, I've seen others do the same, but let's make it official.

He is on fire. He's had a ton of baseline drive dunks, he flew in from an unguarded high wing spot yesterday for one of his flushes, and he's busting his butt on the glass and defense. I mean he looks like a player reborn, it's great to watch.

I'm actually really happy when I see him coming into games now. I say thing like "get Troy back in" or "get the ball to Troy and let him drive".

It sucks being down on him after he had that nice welcome letter. He seems to be a pretty nice guy. Finally we have some on court results that make it easier to appreciate all that.

Also currently rolling - Danny, Foster...Quis coming out of a bad slump

Sadly slumping - Dun, Rush, Diener, Shawne (PT issues have hurt his development/confidence)