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Thread: This summer will be interesting.

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    Default This summer will be interesting.

    I know it's not close to summer time yet, but I think this summer is going to be extremely busy for the Pacers.

    Yes Bird thinks the Pacers have talent and a decent nucleus, but he's not blind or deaf to the things that are going on. It will not be a summer of will Bird make a move/moves? It will be a summer of what kind of moves Bird makes.

    The best thing that can happen for the Pacers is for JO and Tinsley to come back this season, play well and NOT get hurt again. I know that will be hard, but I get the feeling those 2 are gone no matter what.

    This stretch of JO and Tinsley being hurt has really showed Bird what pieces we need moving forward.

    Granger and Dunleavy are going to be our wings, and rightfully so after the season they're putting together, what it will come down to will be what to surround them with at the PG, PF, and C positions.

    Diener is going to be the backup PG, and I think he's played well enough for that.

    Murph will probably be around just because he is probably the most unmovable in my eyes.

    Unsure about Foster, I would like to have him around, but that will depend on what's offered for him.

    Shawne will be back, as will Rush if he asks for something reasonable.

    I think JO, Tinsley, Quis, and Ike will be gone.

    The value we get for them, and what we do in the draft, will be HUGE for the Pacers organization.

    I have a feeling it will be that type of summer!
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