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Thread: Hypothetical ??? - What NBA Team Did Not make a Trade?

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    Default Hypothetical ??? - What NBA Team Did Not make a Trade?

    Okay, I haven't been keeping up with all the trades, because I've been too busy scanning the news wires watching for the Pacers to do something.

    Did the only teams that are vying for playoff spot make the only trades?

    Were there any teams that are almost out of the race make any trades?

    I cannot believe (maybe I can) that the P's did not make a trade!

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    Default Re: Hypothetical ??? - What NBA Team Did Not make a Trade?

    The Sonics did. Same with the Grizzles. Obviously the Heat. Same with the Kings.

    The Nets did but I guess in the East they are vying for a playoff spot.

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    Default Re: Hypothetical ??? - What NBA Team Did Not make a Trade?

    Going down the list with each team's in-season move:

    Hornets: traded for Bonzi Wells & Mike James
    Lakers: traded for Gasol, also traded for Ariza earlier in the season
    Suns: traded for Shaq
    Jazz: traded for Korver
    Spurs: traded for Kurt Thomas, signed Damon Stoudamire
    Mavs: traded for Kidd, A. Wright & Malik Allen
    Nuggets: traded for Taurean Green
    Rockets: traded for Bobby Jackson; also traded for G. Green
    Warriors: signed Webber
    Blazers: traded for Von Wafer
    Kings: traded for Lue, L. Wright, Anthony Johnson, Shelden Williams
    Sonics: traded for B. Barry, Elson; A. Griffin, D. Marshall & I. Newble
    Grizzlies: traded for Kwame, Crittenton, 2 picks, M. Gasol & A. McKie
    T'Wolves: traded for Kirk Snyder

    *The Clippers were the only west team that didn't make a move.

    Pistons: traded for Juan Dixon
    Magic: traded for M. Evans & B. Cook
    Raptors: traded for Brezec
    Cavs: traded for B. Wallace, Joe Smith, D. West & Wally
    Nets: traded for D. Harris, Hassell, M. Ager, K. Van Horn, & 2 picks
    76ers: traded for Giricek
    Hawks: traded for Bibby
    Bulls: traded for Hughes, Gooden, S. Brown & C. Simmons
    Bobcats: traded for Nazr Mohammad
    Heat: traded for Marion & Banks

    *The Celtics (although they had a pretty active offseason), Wizards, Pacers, Bucks and Knicks didn't make any moves in the east.
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    Default Re: Hypothetical ??? - What NBA Team Did Not make a Trade?

    Celtics are set already, the Wiz have good reasons to think the return of star players will get them on track for the playoffs and they have no fear of missing them.

    Pacers and Knicks are stuck with really bad contract situations which makes them bad trade partners unless they just want to get even worse. Of course that's how Zeke got into that spot, so staying put on his end is surprising.

    Bucks are a surprise to not be involved considering the good trade pieces they have. Have to think that perhaps they just want to fix the coaching or adjust the roster slightly. It's way too soon for them to punt.

    Most of the other East teams were helping other teams more than fixing themselves, so it's hard to be envious of them. Did we really want Hughes, Gooden and Brown for JO?

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    Default Re: Hypothetical ??? - What NBA Team Did Not make a Trade?

    Thanks for the list bnd45.

    Has there been a more active season, trade and signing wise? For the life I me I cant remember seeing more names that i know switch teams. Now that could be because I know a lot more players now but I dont think that is it. Very good season so far in the NBA, Knicks record aside.

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