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Thread: Pacers/ NY

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    Default Pacers/ NY

    Pacers send J.O./ J.T /Murphy/ Daniels

    N.Y. sends Curry/ Rose/ Marbury/F. Jones & 2008 1st pick

    Gives Pacers another lottery pick (plus ours) then marbury/ rose comes off after next year (29 million +) or trade bait. Curry is still young and could develope into a decent center for us

    N.Y. gets 2 players that played for Thomas and would start for them

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    Default Re: Pacers/ NY

    I don't know if that is all that great, even though we'd lose the Murph contract. No Curry if possible, especially with the JOB offense,

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    Default Re: Pacers/ NY

    Doesnt make either team better in my opinion. No reason for it

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