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Thread: Tinsley and Foster to Denver

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    Default Tinsley and Foster to Denver

    Indiana trades: Jamaal Tinsley, Jeff Foster, David Harrison

    Denver trades: Nene, Eduardo Najera, JR Smith, 1st Round pick

    Najera and Smith are expiring contracts and Nene is a decent big man when healthy though he has a bad contract. Pacers get around 7 million dollars in expiring contracts, and get rid of Tinsley and Harrison.

    Nuggets get rid of Nene's contract and get an upgraded Najera in Foster, and take a chance on Tinsley and Harrison.

    *Actually forgot about Nene's serious health issues here and doubt the Pacers go near the contract, trade can be mixed up a bit with Kenyon Martin placed instead of Nene*
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    Default Re: Tinsley and Foster to Denver

    Nene's contract is larger and longer than JT's and he's injured even more often. Hard telling if it is worth it or not. I feel bad for Nene, I think he has talent, but just when he starts playing pretty well again another injury, or in his case, illness comes forth. Just really bad luck for the guy.

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