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    What if in 1987 we drafted Steve Alford instead of Mr. Clutch himself? At the time Donnie took some serious heat in choosing Miller over the fan favorite in Alford.

    I never followed Alford's career since I live in California. Anyone out there care to educate me in how good he was?

    Either way, I don't regret having Reggie as the face of our franchise. He's not just a fixture of the Indiana Pacers, he IS Indiana.

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    Default Re: What if... if this place couldn't get depressing enough...

    It wasn't about being the team everyone loved, it was about beating the teams everyone else loved.

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    I remember it well. That was back when the NBA Draft was a mid-
    week, daytime affair. I recall spending the lunch hour in a local,
    northside, Indy establishment (the Snooty Fox for any other
    Indy folks) watching it as the Pacers pick drew near. We were
    all a bit befuddled at the Miller selection. But needless to say,
    it worked out ok for Walsh and crew.

    As for Alford, his hoops career peaked in the NCAA Championship
    game in late-March of that year when they beat Syracuse for
    the title. It was all downhill from there. Calling his NBA career
    non-descript would be a compliment.

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    I have never understood why Walsh gets so much credit for this.

    We did not select Miller and then the very next pick Alford went in the draft, he didn't go till the second round.

    Fans in Indiana were not clammoring for Steve Alford, fans of I.U. basketball were wanting Steve Alford.

    This was as much a no brainer of a pick that you can get, yet till hell freezes over this will always be mentioned as to why Walsh to this day gets a pass on everything.

    Yes, he should be given credit for selecting Miller. But not because he made some bold brave pick in not selecting Alford.

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    You're of course correct. Only the idiots wanted Alford in that spot.

    The really interesting and ironic thing about that draft was that the
    Pacers actually ended up with the #9 (McKey), #11 (RM) and #18
    (Jackson) picks that year in their starting lineup a few years later.

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    Default Re: What if...

    Walsh has gone on record as saying if the pacers had not taken Reggie, they would have taken Mark Jackson.

    Alford was never a serious option

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    Default Re: What if...

    The Snooty Fox in Nora...I was actually at that draft party...they had it at Market Square Arena...

    We were hoping Horace Grant would fall to us, but I was pretty happy with Reggie (and much happier later.)

    Dick Vitale was a guest host, and when the crowd booed, he kept talking about how there was going to be a surprise at the start of the second round and all the Indiana fans would be happy.

    Then, they announced at the start of the second round that the Pacers had traded for Scott Skiles, and all the IU fans booed even louder.

    As to where Alford went, I thought that was about right. I was thinking late first, early second at the time, and never considered him a serious choice at #11.

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