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Thread: The Re-Load (combination of current Pacers rumors)

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    Default The Re-Load (combination of current Pacers rumors)

    Obviously never happen... no way TPTB allows this much churn midseason. But we honestly wouldn't be much worse (except for the whole "guys not practicing" thing) and we'd dump a ton of bad contracts and get fun blocks for the future. Ok, first things first.

    JO/Hulk/Tinsley to Miami
    J.Williams/R.Davis/M.Blount/our 2009 2nd/future first

    Normally I wouldn't like this move except for the other stuff I've got going. This clears the deck for Indy, and Jermaine shuts it down for the rest of the year, meaning he doesn't screw up Miami's draft and he's back at full strength next year. We'd buy out Williams and Davis immediately. Miami wins big on talent, but I can't find anything else I'd want. Cuts about 3mil off the cap.

    Granger/Murphy to Portland
    Webster/Jack/Pryz/1st/our 2008 2nd

    Normally I wouldn't like this either, given that Portland gets the best player in the deal. But we get more talent overall, which is the name of the game in this scenario. Plus we shed Murph's contract and snag a decent pick and cut about a mil off our cap

    Utah/Memphis 3-way
    We give Marquis Daniels, Jeff Foster, Ike Diogu
    We get Okur/Millsap/Lowry/NY's future 1st

    Mem gives Mike Miller, Kyle Lowry
    Mem gets Daniels/Diogu/Almond/Fesenko

    Ut gives Mehmet Okur, Paul Millsap, Kyrylo Fesenko, Morris Almond, NY's future 1st
    Ut gets M.Miller, J.Foster

    Good trade for all three, I think. UT gets rid of Okur and adds two players that will fit right in and compete. Memphis gets 2 prospects, roster balancing, and some cap relief. We give up a lot, but get Millsap/Lowry/pick. Plus if we got Jack, I'd immediately try moving Lowry for a pick and leave the backup slot to Diener. Even if we keep Lowry, we cut 3mil off our cap.
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