I'm in Illinois, which means I get the Chicago sports cable channel.

Got to see the Bulls take on the Nets tonight. It's been a while since I've seen Vince Carter in action. He was very good, especially at creating his own shots, breaking down his man, get to the FT line, etc. At the end of the game (regulation and OT), Franks had the ball put in his hands and he won the game for them.

He is something the Pacers could really use down the stretch. He also has the respect of the refs, so that would help as well. Would take some pressure off the offense and allow Danny more energy on both ends of the court.

I had previously said not to trade JO. I would be very tempted to trade for Vince after what I saw tonight.

(However, as a greedy ******* who wants his cake and eat it too, could we convince NJ to wait til the off season, so it won't spoil our run at a lotto pick? Ha! )

They're Sean (sp?) Williams looks good but had foul problems. Heard Marcus Williams won't give up the starting PG spot without a fight. He might be available as he is redundant as a young PG with NJ. NJ might have some interest in Tinsley with them moving to NY soon? Boone looked like a player that would be a decent role player.

Tomorrow: JO/Tinsley/Shawne for VC/Magloire/Marcus Williams/Sean Williams

or in the offseason: JO/Tinsley for Vince/Marcus Williams/Boone/filler (Hassell or Swift?)