What’s the strangest thing you can think of that the marketing geniuses of the world have persuaded people to spend money for?
Of course, bottled water has to be right up there.

But the one I keep hearing about on the radio is the Star Registry deal.

I laugh every time I hear it. People can pay something like $50 to register a star in their name.

I mean, this just opens up so many questions for me.

Who granted the authority to these folks to control the naming of the stars? And what level of force are they authorized to use in enforcing this name I purchased. Who’s to say my star won’t be taken by somebody else in Moscow or Berlin. Come on, this is my star right.

Are you kidding me? I’m not sure I could even find my star again but that’s just me.

I want to charge people to register grains of sand or blades or grass. This is pure genius man. I see grand new markets unfolding before my eye’s.

Or maybe I’ll box up air in the Rocky Mountains and sell it in Los Angeles.

What’s the craziest thing you ever heard as far as what people are willing to spend money on?