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  • The Pacers were a winning team?

    8 12.31%
  • The Pacers were a contending team?

    9 13.85%
  • The Pacers traded for Vince Carter?

    2 3.08%
  • The Pacers were rebuilding?

    14 21.54%
  • I go to games reguardless.

    23 35.38%
  • Other

    25 38.46%
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Thread: What would it take to get you to go to Pacer games?

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    Default What would it take to get you to go to Pacer games?

    This was said in pot #4 in another thread,

    "Kravitz said a couple weeks ago on his radio gig that he'd asked
    Bird why they don't just rebuild. Bird told him that he was
    concerned that, if they did so and had a couple really crappy
    years, that they might lose the franchise."

    So the question is what would put you in the seats at Pacer games?
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