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Thread: O'Neal to Minnesota

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    Default O'Neal to Minnesota

    I've posted this in another thread a week or so ago but I thought I'd make it offical here.

    I ran the primary idea thru Real GM & their trade checker accepted it.

    Jermaine to Minnesota for Ratliff & Walker.

    Using HoopsHype salary numbers

    07-08 19,710,000
    08-09 21,352,500
    09-10 22,995,000

    07-08 11,666,666

    07-08 8,547,000
    08-09 9,320,500
    09-10 10,094,000 Team Option
    10-11 10,867,500

    For this season JO makes 19,710,000, Ratliff & Walker combine for 20,240,666. Thats an increase in our payroll of 530,666. To off set this the T-wolves throw in the 2nd round pick their getting from Miami.

    Next season we only have Walker's contract of 9,320,500 instead of JO's of 21,352,500. Thats a saving of 12,032,000.

    The following year the Pacers do not pick up the team option on Walker's deal, dropping an additional 10,094,000 off payroll.

    Other than dropping gazillons of dollars off our payroll, why do this.

    Ratliff won't be here long enough to have any effect so no need to worry about him.

    Walker fits into O'Brien's offense just about as well as any player not already here. Not that I'm a big fan of what he's doing, just pointing out that both O'Brien & Walker seem to like the 3 as much as I like that hottie that works at Donatos.

    The 2nd round pick, if we can get it from the T-Wolves would be a very early 2nd, giving Larry Birdbrian another worthless Euro center that'll never play here, a chance to draft.

    Minnesota really doesn't give up much. An expiring contract & an aging vet that seldom plays for a near all star level player at a position they're very weak.

    Getting Walker leaves a bad taste in my mouth but he's only here for just over a year & at less than half the cost of JO.
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    Default Re: O'Neal to Minnesota

    I'd do this one quickly.

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    Default Re: O'Neal to Minnesota

    I do not think Mchale wants to lose the cap space (Theo Ratliff). If Larry can pull a first rounder (from KG Deal) then great deal, but the whole deal with the Pacers is we are two to three years away from being a force in the Eastern conference. LARRY BIRD MUST DRAFT RIGHT.

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    Default Re: O'Neal to Minnesota

    The Wolves are officially deep into rebuilding mode. I don't think they'd want any part of JO until next year, when he'll be a fat, juicy expiring contract.

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