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    Default The Trade Deadline Thread

    February 21 is nearly upon us.

    Will anything happen?

    I just posted this link in the other thread, but now that Marbury is out for the year, my guess is that any potential Knick talks are now over (not that I thought they had or would have happened anyway).


    But since it's getting a little difficult to keep track of all the potential moves we might make (Foster to Utah, JO to NY, JO for Vince, whatever else) I figured I'd start this as a place we can dump relevant links to developing articles that could affect whether or not we make a move by February 21.

    Here are the rumors and big questions so far the pop to mind...

    • Some reporter heard about JO for Vince deal. I doubt that happens.
    • Jimmy says he expects JO to stay. I think he's right.
    • Utah maybe wants Foster. But will they give us something we want?
    • Regardless, I think Foster will get moved to a Western contender. But I'm dumb.
    • We need some scorers. Where do we find them?
    • We need more young talent. Can we get some picks?
    • Point guards are necessary. Where do we find one?
    • What happens if we do nothing?

    All these questions and Andy Rooney, tonight in the Trade Deadline Thread.
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