Great gravy it is so easy to hate Microsoft. Honestly, is there a more corrupt corporation around? I hope their latest crap comes back to bite them.

They've decided to block all incoming email from GMail (which I use) because they "can't verify the validity of this email). Never mind that hotmail has been a spammer's heaven for years, and that gmail has VERY strict limits and I've never gotten spam from a gmail address.

PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 12): 550 SC-004 Mail rejected by Windows Live Hotmail for policy reasons. A block has been placed against your IP address because we have received complaints concerning mail coming from that IP address. If you are not an email/network admin please contact your E-mail/Internet Service Provider for help. Email/network admins, we recommend enrolling in our Junk E-Mail Reporting Program (JMRP), a free program intended to help senders remove unwanted recipients from their e-mail list:
Microsoft has been making noise for a while about not delivering email unless domains pay them a "verification fee" to prove that they're not spammers. This is naked extortion. Evidently they've turned it on today. If they successfully buy Yahoo they seriously might be able to break the internet, which is what they've wanted for years.

I can't stand those guys.