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Thread: Indiana getting in on the PHX/Miami deal...

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    Default Indiana getting in on the PHX/Miami deal...

    I know this won't happen since the deal is pretty far along and I don't see the Suns taking it but:

    Outgoing: JO.
    Incoming: Jason Williams, Mark Blount

    Outgoing: Jason Williams, Shaq, Mark Blount
    Incoming: JO, Shawn Marion, Marcus Banks

    Outgoing: Shawn Marion, Marcus Banks
    Incoming: Shaq

    Like I said, I know it wont happen but I think it'd be an interesting deal. Indy would get an expiring contract (and a temporary point guard). Granted they would take on a bad contract with three years left on it. But they would be able to dump about half of JO's deal at the end of the year.

    Miami would be the big winner of the deal, but I'm not sure if they would want to take on two contracts of Marion's and O'neal's size. But they would be getting a big man who is posting almost identical numbers to Shaq, and Shawn Marion. It's something.

    Phoenix is why I don't think the deal would work since all they are getting is Shaq.

    I don't know, I'm partly excited that I actually got an ESPN trade checker trade to work.

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    Default Re: Indiana getting in on the PHX/Miami deal...

    What's funny is that the Pacers and Miami could swap both O'neals straight up.

    The really questionable part would be could the Pacers get Miami's draft pick this year which would be in the top 4 (which means Jordan, Beasley, Gordon, or Rose)

    We would essentially be buying that pick since after next year JO would come off the books but Shaq would still be on for one more year so $20 million for that pick and at the time a 38-39 year old Shaq, coupled with our pick this year that is looking higher and higher with every loss.

    A Beasely/Rose or Beasely/Gordon combo would be damn promising next year
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