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Thread: Players for sale :D - Keeper League

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    Default Players for sale :D - Keeper League

    Ok. I, the owner of the Amsterdam MinusSeaLevel, am looking into shaking up my roster and acquiring a second first round pick for the upcoming draft.

    Players that I might trade depending on how good of a pick I (think I will get):

    Jordan Farmar (G)
    Sebastian Telfair (G)
    Jerry Stackhouse (GF)
    Udonis Haslem (F)
    Bryan Skinner (CF)
    David Lee (F)
    Channing Frye (CF)

    Untouchable (for now, either because of beying cornerstones of my team now and in the future or because of having no real value):
    Mo Williams
    Gred Oden
    Shaun Livingston
    Shelden Williams
    Charlie Villanueva

    IF you have a first rounder and am interested...? PM me .


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    Default Re: Players for sale :D - Keeper League

    I'll entertain offers for anyone on my roster as well; I'm in the same position and would like to get another 1st.

    FG Kevin Durant is untouchable unless I'm blown away by an offer

    C Brendan Haywood
    FC Andres Bargnani
    FC Jason Maxiel
    G Raymond Felton
    G Rajon Rondo
    G Stephon Marbury
    G Javaris Crittenton
    FG Carlos Delfino
    FG Bonzi Wells
    F Fabricio Oberto
    F Kyle Korver
    F Amir Johnson

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