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Thread: Reggie interview on 1070AM

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    Default Reggie interview on 1070AM

    Didn't see this posted elsewhere, so here's a link to an interview with Reggie on 1070AM. Among other things, we learn that Jared from Subway turned in his Pacers season tickets and Reg is interested in running the Pacers someday (from the front office). Not on the audio file, is Eddie and Kravitz talking about the look Reg gave them as he paused before answering the question about running a (Pacers) team. Non-verbal "YES!"
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    Default Re: Reggie interview on 1070AM

    reggie can coach dunleavy how 2 flop 4 real...Mike O'donnell the local kid who plays for UCF here reminds me of reggie the way he draws fouls by kicking his leg out on 3' it works 2...

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    Default Re: Reggie interview on 1070AM

    I wouldn't be surprised at all if Reggie ended up being our next GM. I suppose I'd be willing to give him a shot at it, even though the Bird experiment has thus far failed miserably.

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    Default Re: Reggie interview on 1070AM

    I would give Reggie any position any position he wants.

    I think we should clean house anyway. The current staff is obviously lost. At least Reggie will give us something positive to talk about the Pacers.

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    Default Re: Reggie interview on 1070AM

    Thankfully Jared turned in his tickets, not seeing him wonder around courtside is one of the joys of this season. He just always bugged me last season. Go have a Subway and leave us alone - same with that extremely annoying Survivor hairy guy as well - I assume he's gone for good too.

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    Honestly. . .maybe that's what needs to happen lol. Reggie, won't take no **** from no one. . . just asked the refs hahaha
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    Default Re: Reggie interview on 1070AM

    No thanks. I'd like to see someone in the front office that has experience and isn't afraid to pull the trigger on a deal.

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    Default Re: Reggie interview on 1070AM

    I refuse to listen to even if it means missing a Reggie interview.

    As for Reggie being a GM it doesn't sound like a good idea to me. Mostly because I'm afraid he'd hire Mark Jackson to be the coach.

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    Default Re: Reggie interview on 1070AM

    For all we know Jax would be a good coach. Or a bad one. Maybe if he would actually take some assistant work to prove himself...

    At this point would Reggie do worse? He doesn't seem to have Isiah's horrible attitude and he does seem like the type that would be fully interested and engaged in the job. I think he still wants to be around the NBA quite a bit and longs for the interaction. That could be a plus, and I sometimes wonder if Bird feels the same way right now.

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    My first thought is this:

    What happens if Reggie is a terrible GM? I don't think I could stand it. Its bad enough that I have mixed feelings about Bird, I don't want to have mixed feelings about Uncle Reg.

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    Default Re: Reggie interview on 1070AM

    Maybe Bird decides he'd rather own the Pacers than run them, and then hires Reggie to be the GM?

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    Pacers Lose Sole Celebrity Fan

    If Letterman starts slagging off the team you know its bad.

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    Default Re: Reggie interview on 1070AM

    Haha, Jared is a dbag. C-list celebrity would be pushing it, nobody wants to hang out with that guy. He might have some money and gets some face time, but he's a joke. He really thinks he's sweet but he isn't.

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