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Thread: Utah/Indiana.....5 player swap

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    Default Utah/Indiana.....5 player swap

    Here is a proposal I wanted to throw out for discussion:

    Utah trades to Indiana:
    1. SG Morris Almond
    2. SG/SF Ronnie Brewer
    3. C Mehmet Okur
    4. PG Ronnie Price
    5. Utah's 1st round draft pick in 2008 or 2009

    Indiana trades to Utah
    1. SG/SF Mike Dunleavy Jr.
    2. C Jeff Foster
    3. C David Harrison

    Why Utah does this deal:

    This deal gives Utah a better overall player in Mike Dunleavy on their perimeter than Brewer, who is young and inexperienced. Almond has potential but isn't expected to play anything but an observer in this year's playoff run, so Dunleavy gives them an immediate upgrade there.

    Okur is a perimeter playing center who likes facing the basket, and who struggles to rebound. Acquiring Foster gives Jerry Sloan a rebounder and defender to help guard guys like Nowitzki, Bynum, and especially Tim Duncan in a playoff run.

    Harrison gives them a big guy who can potentially give them 6 fouls in the playoffs. He is low risk as an expiring contract.

    Why Indiana does the deal:

    Indiana acquires another first round draft pick in this deal, perhaps in the 2008 draft. Utah is no guarantee to make the playoffs, so this pick potentially could be a lottery selection, although I see that as unlikely. More realistically, the pick acquired from Utah is a mid first round selection, which is still a valuable asset to a rebuilding team.

    Brewer is a better fit, in my opinion, along side Granger and Williams than Dunleavy is long term. Ronnie Brewer is athletic, defensive oriented, and gives the Pacers a long term solution as a defensive stopper type player, which I view as our current biggest weakness by far.

    Almond was a great collegiate scorer, particular as a long range shooter. While unproven at this level, he gives us another perimeter scorer potentially and would seem to be a great fit for this system.

    Okur and his is the price we have to pay for getting a first round pick. Okur seems to be a better version of Murphy, although in the exchange for Foster he is a few years younger than Jeff. Okur would be a great fit with a team who has a very strong inside presence to pair along side him......I think of him as a Rik Smits type of player, with better range.

    Price is just a throw in. he basically is just an expiring contract with little upside. He may be a small upgrade over Owens however. We need his salary in this deal to balance out the cost of trading Harrison financially for Utah.

    The Pacers also save money in this deal, and get further under the luxury tax, while getting substantially younger and beginning a rebuilding program.

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    Default Re: Utah/Indiana.....5 player swap

    Take Okur out and I would like it.

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    Default Re: Utah/Indiana.....5 player swap

    The trade works on espn's trade machine.

    Utah has some space to absorb the increase in salaries before hitting the luxury tax threshold and this won't put them over.

    I think they would want to keep Brewer as he is a very good perimeter defense. If they had not acquired Korver, I think they would do this trade. But I imagine they like Okur and his ability to spread the floor for Boozer with his shooting. Good proposed trade for Indiana and I would love to see them acquire Brewer and Almond.

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    Default Re: Utah/Indiana.....5 player swap

    i like this trade.

    having both okur and murphy on this team though is ... ugh

    and as ipacer said, i think utah values okur's contributions and don't necessarily see him as a big negative on the squad.

    ultimately, i think utah values okur a bit more while indy values him less (due to redundancy with murph), so a deal doesn't get done

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    Default Re: Utah/Indiana.....5 player swap

    their frontcourt defense is terrible between those two and i think utah would love both dunleavy and foster. so i don't think that trading okur would be a problem, they do love his outside shooting but between korver and the addition of dunleavy they'd be okay. it is more on our end with okur and utah's reluctance to trade brewer for another wing with a long deal.
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