I can only count AD, DD, and Danny Granger as anyone who did anything. Brezec actually turned out to be an ok player for the Bobcats...but seriously! This team hasnt drafted anyone that is a difference maker in the last 16 years. I will admit our picks were on avg in the lat teens to 20s. But, there is always teams find great talent later in the first round...but not the Pacers

2006NBA11717Shawne WilliamsUniversity of Memphis
2006NBA21545Alexander JohnsonFlorida State University
2005NBA11717Danny GrangerUniversity of New Mexico
2005NBA21646Erazem Lorbek
2004NBA12929David HarrisonUniversity of Colorado
2004NBA23059Rashad WrightUniversity of Georgia
2003NBA22049James JonesUniversity of Miami
2002NBA11414Fred JonesUniversity of Oregon
2001NBA21240Jamison BrewerAuburn University
2000NBA12727Primoz Brezec
2000NBA22756Jaquay WallsUniversity of Colorado
1999NBA12626Vonteego CummingsUniversity of Pittsburgh
1998NBA12525Al Harrington
1997NBA11212Austin CroshereProvidence College
1996NBA11010Erick DampierMississippi State University
1996NBA22352Mark PopeUniversity of Kentucky
1995NBA12323Travis BestGeorgia Institute of Technology
1995NBA22352Fred HoibergIowa State University
1994NBA11515Eric PiatkowskiUniversity of Nebraska
1994NBA21441William Njoku
1994NBA21744Damon BaileyIndiana University
1993NBA11414Scott HaskinOregon State University
1993NBA21239Thomas HillDuke University
1993NBA22451Spencer DunkleyUniversity of Delaware
1992NBA11414Malik SealySt. John's University
1991NBA11313Dale DavisClemson University
1991NBA21441Sean GreenIona College
1990NBA21845Antonio DavisUniversity of Texas at El Paso
1990NBA21946Kenny WilliamsElizabeth City State University