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    So I am supposed to start a new thread introducing myself. Im from Kansas, and im a health care professional. I couldnt say who my favorite team is, but I really liked pacers when I was younger. It may have been to spite my brothers though. I wanted to join the thread so I could comment on the "I Am Legend" Thread. And my name is Daisy!

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    The real name is Daisy - so she might be a girl.

    But who else got that impression when they saw the purple faced happy smiley for an introduction thread? I saw it, and thought to myself - this is cute.

    But then you see the username, and you think - wow, this person is just MEGA AWESOME! Because the name is Megha. With an "h". That is what kind of throws you off.

    But then you start to think. It's not all that weird. Just say the word "mega" for me a few times out loud.

    Go it.

    Now, don't you see that there could very well be an "h" in that word? Perhaps Daisy (a.k.a. Megha) is on to something here? Perhaps she should get out of the health care business and into writing of dictionaries business. I believe it would be the smart choice. Perhaps she'd be willing to go for it. Did she see the movie Sicko?

    So this brings us to why - why choose a username like "Megha"? Well, we already established that she actually spelled it correctly when you begin to think about it. So all she is doing with that name is telling people that she is MEGA AWESOME TO THE EXTREME!!!!!!!!!

    Look out everyone, because the Daisy is rolling in!

    Please give her a warm welcome!!!!


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    Hah! No I didnt see the movie sicko. I hear its good though!

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    Welcks to the site Megha Woman. No killing here only friends, flowers and happy unicorns.

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    to PD, Daisy!
    That's the name of one of my bestfriends!

    Some people want it to happen, some
    wish it would happen, & others make it happen.
    ..Michael Jordan.

    Pressure is something you feel when
    you don't know what the hell you're
    ..Peyton Manning.

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