not suspended, but de-activated.

When asked why he wasn't at the game it's because Jim told him he didn't have to come.

At first this was just a minor blip to me about covering up Jamaals abscense, but now it's just getting sad.

Believe me, I understand that the team would like to avoid any negative headlines about any of our players least of all Jamaal.

So I understood the injury story.

However once you've been called on it, the worst thing you can do (btw it is what O'Brien is doing) is continue to lie about it but change your story all at the same time.

Not to mention insulting a player from another team. Listen to his radio show and listen to what he says about Stephen Jackson. Now I realize that bashing Jackson will probably earn him some points around here but if this is ever proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was "suspended" then he just basically called Stephen Jackson a liar when he was the one lying.

The best thing he could have done and should have done from here on out is "no comment". Yes, guilt buy default but then you avoid the old ancient proverb of keeping silent and making everyone thing you are a fool vs. opening your mouth and proving it.

Believe me, my tolerance for O'Brien is at rock bottom right now because I am still hopping mad at that Pheonix game.

Oh well here is todays article
Indiana Pacers coach Jim O'Brien said Thursday his version of Jamaal Tinsley's absence from Wednesday's game "is the story I'm sticking with."

O'Brien said before and after Wednesday's win over Golden State that Tinsley was inactive because of an injured left knee.
Several people with knowledge of the situation, however, said Tinsley was "suspended" and "disciplined" after an incident during the team's film session the previous day.
Thursday, O'Brien said he "deactivated" Tinsley.
"As an NBA coach I have the ability and the right to deactivate any player I want," O'Brien said after practice Thursday. "I deactivated Jamaal and Ike (Diogu)."
Diogu was at the game; Tinsley was not.
Tinsley practiced Thursday and appeared to move well during the team's light workout. Afterward, he declined an interview request through a team spokesman.
Most players this season, including Tinsley, have attended games and practices when injured.
"Not if I tell him he doesn't have to show up for the game," O'Brien said, when asked why Tinsley wasn't there. "It's not the first time this year a player was deactivated that wasn't on the bench or here. That's totally up to the head coach. . . . What I told you (Wednesday) is the story I'm sticking with."
Tinsley has been dealing with several injuries the past few weeks but is expected to play Saturday against Sacramento.
"I intend to have him activated next game," O'Brien said.