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Thread: Thinking about a move "back" to Indianapolis...should I or shouldn't I?

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    Default Re: Thinking about a move "back" to Indianapolis...should I or shouldn't I?

    Quote Originally Posted by idioteque View Post
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    Developments since I started this thread: the girlfriend I mentioned is now my wife, and Rexnom moved to yet another city that is not DC.

    I foresee myself changing jobs at the end of this year and am once again looking at Indy at least as a trial option. The "insert random social science" and law classes I have taken in graduate school have made me realize I should have considered law school more closely than I did, and I have some connections with local law firms and may try to use them to get a paralegal job to see whether or not law is for me. I have also made a couple of cuts and may get a chance to interview for a couple of really good government jobs here in DC, it will probably enable my wife and I to afford a much nicer place here if that actually works out.

    The problem is I know that if my wife and I bought a condo out here, space would always be somewhat limited and I don't know if we could afford to live in a decent place and send our future kids to a private school (DCPS is basically not an option). The other option is sending our kids to public school and living in the suburbs, but then you're stuck in commuting hell for the rest of your life.

    My wife and I want to start a family in the next couple of years, Indy is obviously better for that. We could live close to downtown/wherever we worked with relative ease and while traffic in Indianapolis can suck (I commuted from a doughnut county to a high school in Indy so I know) it is not like traffic in DC. My family is also in Indy which is a plus when you have kids. Living in Indy for a year or so to start may be good to see whether or not I like being close to my family, whether the city has enough cultural amenities for us (we are both quiet homebodies but still like to go out sometimes), and whether or not I can still take the winter. After looking at a couple of places in Broad Ripple and Fountain Square a few months ago my wife now actually wants to leave DC for Indy, but I am convinced she would need the "trial" period as well.

    As much as DC gets on my nerves, it would still be hard to leave though. I am reading through these posts again and the advice is still helpful and great, thanks guys.
    Just a little info....I have been showing some new downtown condos for $300K +/-....I am also showing nearly 3000 sq. ft homes in the burbs for $150K....Cathedral High School (a private Catholic HS) is currently about $11,000 a year for tuition. There are cheaper ones but Cathedral is not supported by the diocese while the others are. Then there are the exclusive private schools that are way outta my league. There are beautiful places/neighborhoods north, northeast, and northwest of downtown. Nice areas exist all over town but especially as I mentioned. I love the downtown canal and what they are doing there.

    (small prepared for what your auto license plates will cost you. It can be hundreds of $$$ per year).
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