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    Default Hello Pacers Digest...

    My name is Joe. I'm a 33 year old software engineer form the San Francisco Bay Area. My favorite team is the Warriors (a long suffering Warriors fan). I discovered this board last year right after the trade, looking for the Pacer perspective (the quality here sure beats what I found elsewhere). I've stuck around lurking for a year, dropping in from time to time, somewhat adopting the Pacers as the second team I follow. Thought I could add some west coast perspective and actually add something.

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    Default Re: Hello Pacers Digest...

    wsup man, fellow bay area poster here! haha
    [SIGPIC]Dun Dun shooting form![/SIGPIC]

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    Hey Joe!
    Where you going with that gun in your hand?

    Oh, I see. It's not a gun. And you are not actually going anywhere. Actually you are sitting at your computer participating on an internet forum about basketball.

    Well, have fun, and welcome to Pacers Digest.
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    And I won't be here to see the day
    It all dries up and blows away
    I'd hang around just to see
    But they never had much use for me
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    It's a pretty ordinary name. And to be quite honest, he's a pretty ordinary guy. During the day, he's working on his computer doing stuff and things. But at night, he'll tune into the occasional Warriors game.

    Why the Warriors, you ask? Because Joe is from the Bay Area. It's not that he actually likes's just because they're always on TV. It's the Pacers who he actually loves - hence, him coming to a Pacers message board to talk hoops. And we're more than happy to have Joe here with us!

    But there's one thing about Joe that astounds his friends.

    What does that "CM" at the end of his name stand for?

    Well, Joe likes certain players in the NBA that don't play for the Warriors or Pacers (believe it or not). In fact, his favourite player does not even play for one of those teams. His favourite player, with the initials of CM is actually considered an awkward choice by many.

    But don't hate the guy just because he likes a player that many of you don't appreciate. Because many of you just don't appreciate the skills and work that CHRIS MIHM brings to the table each and every night!

    Joe has always loved Chris Mihm. He especially loved him when he was playing with the Celtics, and feels as though he could be much better utilized in Boston right now as opposed to where he currently is in LA LA land.

    But putting all politics aside, Joe just wanted to honour his favourite player, Chris Mihm, in any way possible. And felt as though putting his initials in his username was a great way of doing that. He even called Chris up at his home to tell him the great news, and plans on putting an ad in the classifieds explaining his tribute to the great Mr. Mihm.

    So, we commend you sir.

    And more importantly, we welcome you to PD, Joecm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Hello Pacers Digest...

    Welcks to the PDage

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